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Breed Profile:Yorkshire Terrier

Height 8-9"
Weight 4-7lb
Life Span 14-17 years
Common medical problems: Otitis externa (ear infections) patella luxation, & trachea collapse

If you own a Yorkshire Terrier, you already know that they are big personalities in little packages. They originated in Scotland in the 1800's and made their way to the United States by the 1870's. For 100 years they were a fairly unknown breed, but by the 1970's they began to take off in popularity. Today they are the #2 most popular dog of all AKC breeds, and the #1 choice for small size dogs.

Attitude and Behavior
Yorkshire Terriers are both delightful and entertaining companions. They are friendly with children, although care should be taken when allowing toy breeds to play roughly with children. If you have smaller children, look for yorkies on the heavier end of the 4-7lb weight recommendations. They can be aloof with strangers and tend to be a one family dog. The terrier influence means that they may give chase to small animals and they can be bold and over confident around other dogs.

Exercise and Nutrition
Feed a balance diet of the best dry food you can afford. The better the quality of food you feed the less amount the yorkie has to eat to meet their nutritional needs (and the less "poop" produced!).  Remember that calories add up in the treats you give your yorkie, so small amounts of high quality treats only. We recommend Lean Treats by Butler (they are soft and can be divided also)
Yorkshire Terriers make lively and alert house dogs as long as their exercise needs are met. At least one daily walk is needed along with a couple of lively play sessions. They love to run and sniff around the yard and are always "on the hunt". Use care when letting your Yorkie off leash - choose only fenced areas.

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