Yorkies by Diane

Quality AKC Registered Yorkies

What does my New Puppy Need?

Basics for puppy ownership

Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Food  (12oz Bag Provided Free with puppy)

Harness and Leash (Lupine Harness/Leash Provided Free with Puppy)

Cow Ear Chews (Provided Free with Puppy)

Kong Toy (Provided Free with Puppy)

Nutrical  (Must bring with you to pick up puppy)

Crate/Kennel (Available for Purchase with Puppy)

Potty Pad Holder (Available for Purchase with Puppy)

Dental Liquid for water (Available for Purchase with Puppy)

Soft Carry Bag for Travel

Puppy Bed

Potty Pads

Brush and Comb


 Puppy Shampoo

 Food and Water Bowl








































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