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Quotes Brady was very active yesterday and this morning. It is amazing to me that a tiny creature can be plucked out of the only home and familiar surroundings that he has ever known, plopped into a totally foreign place with two strange humans, four strange dogs (2 of them being quite a bit larger than he is), and he seems to be completely comfortable. He's already developing little habits. He's been pretty good about using the piddle pads, and at night when we sleep and he is in his little carrier (on the bed between our pillows, of course), he has scratched and whined both nights to let us know that he needs to potty. He lines up with the other dogs for morning and nighttime biscuits. He is walking on the leash like an old pro and when I was at work yesterday for about 4 hours, I put a bowl of the Royal Kanin in the cage with him and he ate quite a bit of it. Thank you. We love him Quotes
Betsy Zion
Brady-Glory's Male Pup

Quotes If you are looking to purchase a Yorkie, you can't go wrong with a Yorkie By Diane. My husband Dave and I are the proud owners of three of her Yorkies, Roxie, Athena Belle and Skipper. Without question, Diane and her husband Tal raise the most loving and adorable Yorkies ever. Quotes
Leslie and Dave Satterfield
Proud Owner Of Three

Quotes Because of the hands-on care and nurturing in their home, Molly has turned out to be a very loving, personality plus and very even tempered. I have no doubt it was due to how she was treated by Diane and Tal from the moment she was born. It was the first time for us buying a puppy from a breeder. If anyone is looking for a Yorkie, without a doubt you won't find any better cared for or well adjusted Yorkies then Diane's. Quotes
Pam and Bill Holt
Owners of Molly AKA Sassy

Quotes Autumn is the most lovable Yorkie. Diane is by far the most engaged breeder we have ever met. No Puppy mill here folks!!! She and her husband Talmadge spend time with each and every puppy to make sure they are well rounded and loving. Their puppies are AMAZING!!! If you are considering buying a Yorkie, Look no further than Diane. Quotes
David & Debbie Rosenthal
Happy Parents of Autumn